Rope Access

Rope access is a fast, cost effective method for accessing areas not previously accessible, or only accessible by expensive scaffolding or and maintenance heavy cradles.

Skysite has been specializing in work at height since 1998, and with a proven track record for professionalism and safety. We have built up a large and experienced team of multi skilled technicians.

We are full Members of the Institute for Work at Height, and conform to the South African National Standards. As a Industry leader in Rope Access, Skysites’ expertise has seen our teams deployed throughout Africa as well as America and Asia.

Services Include:

  • Work at height consulting.
  • Installation of man safe systems for work at height.
  • Installation of rope access anchor bolts. (Accredited installers of Hilti and Fischer Update fixings)
  • Rope Access anchor bolts annual testing, inspection and certification.
  • Installation of fall arrest and fall restraint systems, including annual inspections and commissioning.
  • Supply of specialist personal to carry out construction maintenance including snagging and hand over cleaning.
  • Glass replacement.
  • Hoisting & installation of large artworks.
  • Installation of safety netting.
  • Construction hand over cleaning & snagging.